Our Portfolio

Next Ventures works with leading entrepreneurs with visionary dreams. Our mission is not only funding promising fintech projects, but also walking with our partners through every step of their journey to help them realize their goals. Thus, we believe this is the only way to embrace the never-ending change.

Colendi was founded to empower every individual regardless of gender, background, financial position, banked or unbanked to give them financial freedom and financial inclusion through simple, easy-to-use products.

Colendi provides embedded fintech services that democratize banking services for consumers, merchants, financial and non-financial institutions to overcome the limitations associated with the legacy banking.

DGPAYS makes technology easily accessible to customers, creating and managing the most productive and efficient service chain for them while providing the newest technologies and operational service support to the payment systems environment.

The first Digital-Only AI-Based Insurance Company in Turkey. We make insurance getting simple, zero-touch and uncomplicated with artificial intelligence. Our innovation and the power of AI technology allow us to offer you the most affordable and most suitable insurance policies. Our super-smart chatbot helps you in choosing the right policy for you and in all your insurance processes using AI. Blockchain-based infrastructure saves you the trouble of reading and signing pages for policies with smart contracts and digital signatures. Our blockchain-based technology allows you to perform your transactions much more securely and your data to be safe.

Procenne Works for the Best! Procenne produces “Simple, Stable and Secure” products and solutions for mobile application security, e-mail security, database and file security, KVKK (GDPR) infrastructure security, SSL termination and digital transformation projects in the field of digital security. Established in 2013 headquartered in Istanbul, Procenne manufactures high-tech products that are critical in the digital security market. Procenne, which is also an R&D center, is the manufacturer of Turkey’s first commercial Hardware Security Module, ProCrypt HSM device. ProCrypt is a hardware security module that performs key management operations such as generating, storing and spreading keys used in encryption processes at high speed. The product, whose R&D studies started in 2013, became a commercial product in 2018 and received its international certificates, the Common Criteria EAL4+ certificate, in 2019 and PCI HSM V3.0 certificate in 2021. Procenne continues its R&D studies to add new members to the ProCrypt family, which is its locomotive product.

DOMiNO Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm operating in Amsterdam and Istanbul. We focus on Turkish and Eastern Europeanstartups who transform existing industries and build a better future with DOMiNO Effect. We primarily provide seed or first round funding for entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas in Metaverse, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Robotics, Fintech, Healthtech, Agritech, Cybersecurity, Edutech, Energy, and IoT. We believe the future is built today by the dreamers and the doers.

TimeLooper is a pioneering Interpretive Experience Design firm committed to enriching the interaction between cultural institutions and the modern visitor. Through the innovative application of cutting-edge technologies – including geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, holographic imaging, and 3D scanning – TimeLooper assists in the creation of stunning, unforgettable Virtual and Augmented Reality-based immersive learning experiences. As our cultures, societies, and environments (both physical and digital )transform at astonishing rates, changing the way in which we all interact with the world and share information, we at TimeLooper believe our cultural institutions have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the preservation, interpretation, and usage of our shared, public spaces. Our services allow for spatial, experiential, and emotional visitor immersion without undue stress on the sites and artifacts themselves, ensuring that cultural institutions can continue to adapt into the future while fostering a deep and lasting connection to our shared knowledge, histories, and ultimately a greater understanding of humanity’s ever-evolving place in the universe. TimeLooper continues to revolutionize experiential technologies, remote and virtual programming, on-site interpretation, premium exhibit design, and even entire park systems solutions spanning multiple sites, empowering institutions and interpreters to connect with visitors and tell their stories like never before.

Flamingio is an online platform which provides interior design and decoration services, including E-Design projects with professionals and E- Commerce of furniture & homeware goods. Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, the platform acts as a bridge between users, freelance interior designers and suppliers. Users with no time, limited budget and/or limited know-how, interior designers who seek experience, a secondary job and/or a flexible schedule, suppliers who want to reach new customers, increase sales and/or brand awareness all meet under the same roof.